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JAAS Authentication and Authorization Demo


To enable JAAS in a base jetty instance do:

    $ cd $JETTY_BASE
    $ java -jar $JETTY_HOME/start.jar --add-to-start=jaas

This will create a $JETTY_BASE/start.d/jaas.ini file to enable and parameterize JAAS. If no start.d directory exists, then the same initialisation will be appended to the $JETTY_BASE/start.ini file. The Jetty demo-base already has JAAS enabled in its start.ini file.

The full source of this demonstration is available here.

Using the Demo

Click on the link below to test JAAS authentication and role-based web security constraint authorization. Use username="me" with password="me". All other usernames, passwords should result in authentication failure.


This demo uses a simple login module that stores its configuration in a properties file. There are other types of login module provided with the jetty distro. For full information, please refer to the Jetty 9 documentation.